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My mates

.*.THE GALZ.*.


<- Jemma. eg Jemz, well to start off with shes my best mate and always will be!!! shes totally awesome and her lil blonde moments r soo funni and random (haha she has blondish hair now) i pick on her too much but she gets her own back .. in lil ways grrr evil women! anway yeh shes rele funni has a kl personalaity and i can tell her everything about everything shes just well my twin lmao and her lil broo OMG hes soo adorable (hes 1yrs old) and also shes always gives me chocolate ... gotta b a winner!
love ya babe! xXx


<- Emma. eg my lil muchkin-helecopt-te-cookie-eater-thingy! shes like my second best m8 coz i just luv her!! shes gr8 2 tlk 2 and awsome 2 mess about with and has a gr8 mind ... ran-dom lmao emma u totally rok hunni luv ya xxx

x'.Loza.'x - Laura Is Totally Mad...Shes Really Funny And Always Gets In Trouble in Maths ect,ect!!*Mr Walker Cant Split Us!!* You Rock Hunni xxxx

Lauren Is The Coolest Mate Eva I Can tell her Almost Everything! And Lauren LUVIN DA HAIR!! love ya hun xxx
Zoe : Zoe is the koolest yr 11 i Kno i can tell her anything and also she has awwwweeeeesssooooome taste in music!!!!!! and shes laurens older sis hehe n totally inspierin!!! gr8 role model 4 ppl like meeee!!! and zoe YES alexonfire is AWESOMMME!!!! XXX

.*.Ova Mates.*.









Emma.A - Chocolate...yummmm


Mharie - dnt hurt me!!!


Kerri - oooooowww

Nicola .J - Pedo luva




Nick Is A Propa Legend..I Can Tell Him AnyThing On My Mind And Hes ALWAYS Dere 4 me ..He Defo Knowz How To Cheer Me Up ...Even Tho I Duno How He Does it *Magic!* I Hope i cheer him Up 2 hehe...Hes just Rele Funny and A Gr8 person 2 Tlk to...Luv ya Loads Hunni xxxxx

Martin - Dude hes annoyin!!...Hes Alwrite wen he Dnt ingorne me. He can Be a Good mate *looked shocked!!*
Nah hes Kl Rele!

Josh - erm blonde lil person he roks!

James - omg i have 2 sit nxt 2 him in french!! hes quite kl but can get annoyin by nicking all my pens!! grrr get ur own! :P

Ross - IM NOT SMALL!!!!! ... ross is this RELE tall guy tht thinks im small.... tipical!..:P